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New: free printable stationary We are developing an exciting line of stationary that you can print out. Notecards, writing paper,gift tags, etc.

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Looking for a new theme? We have the best ones on the entire internet. Really. Our templates have been used on blogs about mp3s, business organizations, political groups etc.

Our themes have been used by English, Danish, Spanish, Chinese, German, French and other bloggers.

These themes are free to download, free to use, free to modify, the only requirement is that you leave in the attribution link back to prissed.com in the footer/sidebar. You can install widgets, tags and plugins with them. The templates work with wordpress 1.3, 1.5 and 2.0 releases. All the themes come with screenshots; a demo is in progress.

Already using one of our themes? We recommend that you upgrade it. Priss Wordpress Themes downloaded from other sites are not current for Wordpress 2.0 or the latest versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox and may not work. Download our latest versions.


The blue-house custom theme has a stationary layout, a large graphic header with the navigation in the right sidebar.

The blue-curves wordpress template has a simple layout with dark-blue background, blue post content and light-blue menu on the right side (with search button). This can easily be skinned in different colors with a little tinkering with the theme editor.

Simple green is a minimilistic box-format design. It is quick to load, easy to modify, centered on the page, with an elastic (fluid layout) across the width of the screen. It comes default showing the calendar. The standard categories, archives, meta, blogroll are in the lefthand navigation menu.

The head theme is a three column design that won a most creative design contest beating over 100 competitors. It has blue, yellow and green columns.

If you need help downloading, uploading or installing your new wordpress theme, you can check the wordpress dashboard for easy instructions or see our help page and send us an email.


** Have a blog other than wordpress? No worry you can adapt our themes to your blog, or you can hire us to do so.